Dorothy de Borba dies at 85; child actress in 'Our Gang' comedies


Click here to read Dennis McLellan's article (LOS ANGELES TIMES).

Dennis McLellan is a conscientious reporter for whom I have a lot of respect. He generally calls me on such sad occasions when we lose talent once employed at the Hal Roach Studios. He works hard to get the facts right for his articles in the LOS ANGELES TIMES. I told him lots of things I do wish he had used, but evidently space did not permit covering anecdotes about specific Our Gang films, about specific other HRS alumni, and about Dorothy's own positive, outgoing and thoughtful personality. Lois Laurel phoned me with the news of Dorothy's passing, and we all know these two ladies were dear friends extending back as far as their days as children roaming around the greatest of all playgrounds, the Hal Roach Studios. Of course Dorothy's mother was in two SONS OF THE DESERT scenes, at the urging of Oliver Hardy. Dorothy herself was in both THE STOLEN JOOLS and THE DEVIL'S BROTHER with Laurel & Hardy. And how many of us had our days brightened when Dorothy would faithfully phone us every single year on birthdays and Christmas? She was always optimistic, happy, and accepting. What a gift she had for relating to people, and what a gift her friendship was. I like Annette D'Agostino's observation that "There is an Echo in heaven today." We are all the better for having known Dorothy and will much miss her.

-- Richard W. Bann --

Dorothy and her mother, Lilian De Borba (also spelled by the family as de Borba and De Borbe, sometimes with an accent over the "e"). Both appeared in movies with Laurel & Hardy.   Wheezer and Dorothy in a posed still between scenes of the happy ending for DOGS IS DOGS (1932).

Dorothy De Borba, Wheezer Hutchins, and Stymie Beard filming a scene with June Marlowe as "Miss Crabtree" from SCHOOL'S OUT (1930), shot on location at Hal Roach's Arnaz Ranch.

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