Laurel & Hardy Documentary


by Andreas Baum

You´ll see in the international documentary, which was shot in the USA, England, France, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands and Germany, a lot of L & H-film-clips, unpublished photographs, archive footage and film footage, documents etc. and interviews with (for example) Lois Laurel Hawes, Lucille Hardy Price, Hal Roach, Jerry Lewis, Marcel Marceau, Maddin Schneider, Ingo Appelt, Ottfried Fischer, Michael Habeck, Bart Wiliams, Booth Colman, Phyllis Coates, Jean Darling, Stan Taffel, Irv Hyatt, Chuck McCann und Jim MacGeorge, Richard W. Bann, Tyler St. Mark, Michael Ehret, Wolfgang Günther, René Riva an a lot more!

The documentary will hopefully be out on DVD in German and English (maybe also in French) in 2012 with a lot of bonus features like round about 20 minutes of extra length, more rare and unpublished interviews, for example with Lois Laurel Hawes, more unpublished footage of Stan (in color) and, and, and ...

ARTE will broadcast the documentary in Germany and France, along with selected Laurel & Hardy films for the first time ever in HD. The documentary is also (partly) in HD and has a duration of 92 minutes. The broadcast dates are December 28th 2011 at 20.15 and January 1st 2012 at 21.30.

If you like the ARTE documentary and the Laurel & Hardy movies, please let ARTE know, as positive feedback is always helpfull to have Laurel & Hardy on TV in the future as well! You can email ARTE at