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February 29th 2012

Can someone please tell me in what movie I can see the part where Stan and Ollie are relaxing at home and Stan says, "Ollie? Why yes,Stan. I've been thinking. Oh? What have you been thinking about Stan? Nothing, just thinking."

First time I saw that me and my friend fell on the floor laughin! Been using it as a skit with a friend of mine, but he has never seen it. I would very much like to show it to him. Can you tell me where I can find it?

Love Those Guys

dave a. (san antonio)


February 28th 2012

Hello, my name is Elle and im currently a second year student studying Drama and theatre studies at the university of kent. I am recently studying a slapstick module which is amazing and one of our tasks to complete is to find out some facts which we wouldn't find in books,from those who personally witnessed in the cinema the classic slapstick shows such as laurel and hardy or anyone involved within the classic slapstick genre to answer a few questions.

What was the audience response to the films in the cinema i.e. were they well recieved?

What qualities did the comedians possess which drew you to their sketch or increased enjoyment?

What gags and tricks etc worked the best in your opinion and why?

In your opinion what made Laurel and Hardy one of the most popular slapstick comedians of the time?

If you can think of any other comments you wish to add which you feel are relevant that would be great.

Many Thanks

Elle-Louise Payne (Kenr UK)


February 25th 2012

Just bought box set, still make me laugh golden classics.all time fav

Carl Speirs (England Ipswich. Suffolk)


February 23rd 2012

mr laurel & mr hardy are still the best

dale (uk)

Hi Everyone,
I am jazzed about this site! My dad introduced me to these two cutie pies when I was very young. How I loved Stan when he got upset. Always reminded me of my little sister when she cried.

I make coffee tables and one of my biggest requests are for a Laurel and Hardy table. I started making these coffee tables because our children don't know who many of these great actors are. So I made a table called Hollywood's A-Listers with actors from 1920 - 1950. Turns out they are fun and great conversation pieces. Thanks for this site and nice to meet everyone.

Kimberly McGinn (Laguna Beach, Ca)


February 21st 2012

Why do we see so few Laurel and Hardy pictures on TV these days ?
Its about time they were shown on the many comedy channels we have now. So much is owed to these two guys for the comedy they gave us and the influence they still have on modern comedy. Some of the short films are superb but all we see is the occasional Sons of the Desert re-run etc.
Come on TV execs show the youngsters of today how comedy began and how masterful these two were !

Leeds England (Rich)


February 18th 2012

Nous avons regardé les dvd des films de Laurel et Hardy , encore une fois , avec grand plaisir, c'est toujours ce qu'il y a de meilleur en matière de comiques....J'espère que le futur saura préserver ces Grands du Cinéma....Merci à vous de perpétuer leurs images...

We watch Laurel and Hardy's movies with great pleasure. In the humoristic registry, they are the best. I hope these Masters of cinema won't be forgotten in the future. Thanks to you the show will go one.

Pascal et Dominique
Braches (french village in Picardie)


February 11th 2012

Back in the late 1940's early 50's on a trip to the UK laurel & hardy stop off at Cobh Harbour co Cork Ireland where thousands of people line the harbour to see there heroes,when the captain saw all the crowds on the harbour he called Mr laurel & Mr Hardy to the bridge the captain said to them look at all the crowds on the harbour, L & H said why are all the people here the captain said there here to see you's they looked at each other and began to cry they couldn't believe that all the crowds were here for them, this is a true story.
Thanks for the laugh!!!

Paul (Ireland)


February 6th 2012

My brother and father LOVED Laurel & Hardy. When my brother worked for Frontier Airlines, he and my father flew to LA and met with Stan at his house. Stan was thrilled to have them visit! The pictures taken are wonderful. Both my father and brother holding the Emmy (I think)! My brother has suffered a stroke and has been mostly bed-ridden for the last 10 years. Those pictures hang in his room and watching Laurel & Hardy episodes are one of his favorite things!

Janet Duarte (Alto, New Mexico)


February 5th 2012

iPlease settle a bet. I am sure I remember a routine where Hardy goes up and down a ladder in an old time candy store getting each child in a group of children 2 cents worth of licorice. At the top, he calls down to the last child to be sure he doesn't want the same thing. He comes down only to find the last child wants 5 cents worth of licorice. My wife claims this was Abbott and Costello.Help, someone, please.

Bill (Florida)


February 3rd 2012

I am now the proud owner of a Laurel & Hardy tattoo on my back! It's taken me 40 years to get the courage up to have a tattoo and I am so pleased I chose my two favourite funny guys. The only downside is them being on my back so I don't get to see them all day long - but when I catch a glimpse I cannot fail to smile. I'm looking forward to summer so I can show it off and make others smile too.

Emma F (Cumbria, England)


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