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October 25th 2012

Does anyone recall what the titles of films of Stan & Oliver where is one Oliver says "I am going to shoot you and then I am going to shoot myself" and in other Oliver is sitting behind a desk and talking to Stan on the phone and states " I don't have time for such childish games" ??

Steve Torhan (USA/Alpena, Michigan)

The one where Olly shouts at the woman (from his "primrose" days) is in the short "Chickens Come Home!" where he threatens to shoot him and the woman after not wanting to give her a "settlement", she then faints.

The other I'm not sure about but I know Olly tells Stan "I have no time for such childish vuldardash" in the short "Me and My Pal". Olly is getting married and Stan gives him a puzzle as a gift. They soon turn their attention to the puzzle and are late for his wedding! haha

Thomas (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Tom, Thank you for answering my inquiries. Those are the ones! Very much appreciate it!

Steve (USA/Alpena, Michigan)


October 23rd 2012

Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy, the best comedian of the universe. Their works will remain current for eternity. Some people say I look like Stan Laurel, as a kid, I was so offended, today I am proud of this.Laurel and Hardy, a star that never sets.

Christian (Germany, Bad Oeynhausen)


October 21st 2012

I have recently seen a Mack Sennett comedy that was made in 1926. The film was called ice cold cocos and it was directed by del lord of three stooges fame and starred a guy named billy bevan. The story involves a ice man carrying an ice block up steps to house on a hill. These were the same steps used in the music box six years later.

ron a mendivel (los angeles, ca)


October 20th 2012

Looking at their pictures, i realize how much I miss them. We have some good comedians now days, but none will ever match olly and stan

martin (netherlands / zoetermeer)

I love Laurel and Hardy i mate got me in to it funny i can watch then again and again and i still laugh. I got all their dvd's, when u down just put Laurel and Hardy on and they will make u smile :)

Dominic Fearnhead (Bolton)


October 19th 2012

Hi can anyone remember the scene where stan shows off his photograph of his sweetheart she is pictured wearing curlers and has her arms folded she also has a face like thunder. I have always remembered this scene but cannot remember the film, can anyone help please- Thanks Michael.

Michael Coultas (Uk Wakefield)

I don't recall watching one where Stan shows Olly the photo but the other way around in a short called "Helpmates" where Hardy's house is in a mess after a "wild" party (with the wifes disapproval of course) and wanting Stanley to help him.

Thomas (Edinburgh, Scotland)


October 18th 2012

The two funniest men that ever lived. I have all the DVD's and watch them often.
The angels must be laughing their heads off in Heaven at the antics.
Second to none!!

Ian Middleton (Alexandria)


October 15th 2012

Love you. Both. I'm only 21 but you're my favourite comedians! SIMPLY THE BEST. Thank you for make me laught every time I watch you :D

Valentina Bianco (Turin, ITALY)


October 11th 2012

LAUREL and HARDY this very very best actors in very good friends and simplicity for the live and in studio.
In memory togever.

Milazzo (france/bouzonville)


October 7th 2012

When I was 5 - 6 years old a man brought some video tapes to my grandfather, who at the time was working the restaurant we owned. They were the Laurel & Hardy short film collections and we purchased around 10 sets. We watched those tapes in the 80's endlessly and had many nights of laughter. Now after 27 years I have purchased the whole collection on DVD and we are reliving those golden moments with memories flooding back to me. We still laugh at the same practical joke or quip from Stan and Ollie that we did all those years ago. True comedic geniuses, the likes of which will never come again.

Huseyin Veli (London)


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