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December 31st 2012

Question: Can anyone tell me the name of the movie where Laurel and Hardy are punished near the end of the movie, with one of them on a stretching machine and the other one squeezed to a low height? I can't remember much more than that...Thank you to anyone who can supply the answer!

J. Nourayi (Los Angeles, CA USA)

@J. Nourayi That hilarious outcome is from the feature "The Bohemian Girl". Stan and Ollie are two pickpocketing gyspies, that in itself is worth a watch! Haha :D

Thomas (Edinburgh, Scotland)


December 26th 2012

Can anyone identify the film where I believe a guy shuts himself in a box and then tries to explain how he got in there. It was a far fetched explanation to which Stan just looks at Ollie and says 'It Can Happen' - It's just pure comic genius

Mark Griffiths (England/Wolverhampton)

@Mark That scene is from the short "Going Bye-Bye!". Butch (Walter Long) is stuck in the trunk and L&H try to get him out by all means not necessary haha, without realising that he's the guy that's after them for testifying in court and sending him to jail (of which he escaped!). :D

Thomas (Edinburgh, Scotland)


December 17th 2012

Hi fellow L&H fans, was wondering if anyone here could sign this online petition? It's to get enough signatures to get TV broadcasters to bring back Laurel & Hardy to our screens, they are barely shown in the UK and we can't let the magic of these two great men die. Thanks. :)

Thomas (Edinburgh, Scotland)


December 10th 2012

Does anyone know which Laurel and Hardy film featured the Pirate Ship that was located in Cliffwood Beach NJ

George Burns (Marlton,NJ)


November 27th 2012

By far the best comedy ever...i like them so much i even got a tattoo of them on my arm...they last forever it will last for ever

tym (managua, nicaragu)


November 26th 2012

Can anyone tell me where the line about ordering chocolate ice-cream despite being told they dont have any comes from?.....I would be SOOOOO grateful!

Simon Bishop (Liverpool)

That gag is from the short "Come Clean", I think Stan asks for ice-cream in "Twice Two" as well but he's in the wrong shop! haha

Thomas (Edinburgh)


November 16th 2012

Stan and Oliver films are played every Sunday morning at 6am on ME TV which is channel 26-2 in the Green Bay, WI area. We are so happy to see them there!!!

Charlene Gonnering (USA Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Ah you lucky person, I wish us British would show more appreciation to real, pure, classic comedy as much as you Americans! lol
Glad to know the two great men are still making audiences laugh across the planet. :D

Thomas (Edinburgh)


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