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December 30th 2014

I grew up watching these guys in TV. They made my childhood. I keep watching them over and over again. They are magnificent in their innocence.

Melanie (Belgium)

Hello. Laurel and Hardy really made me childhood. THey were shown a lot back in the 1970's. MY own father wasn't so nice and Laurel and Hardy were just how I wished my father was.

I have a question. I know in Saps at Sea, Stan read Ollie a passage from Old Mother Hubbard but I seem to remember that he also read it to a little girl in one film. What films was that? It was the sweetest scene as I recall

Adam Nicke (UK)


December 26th 2014

cant understand why people think laural and hardy should not be on tv. their shows and films excited people for nearly 100 years. so start showing them again please.

colin donnell (sion mills co tyrone northern ireland)

Just purchased the Essential Laurel and Hardy on dvd.
The picture and sound quality is amazing. I have not seen them in years.
They are the masters of comedy. They shared an incredible chemistry that will never be repeated.

Raymond Evans (Ottawa/Canada)


December 17th 2014

My two all-time favorites are "Big Business" (selling Christmas trees in the summer in LA leading to mutual destruction) and "Two Tars" (the giant riot ending with L & H coming out of the train tunnel with their car squashed sideways!!!). In "Big Business" when the boys run out of things to destroy on Jimmy Finlayson's house, Laurel starts digging pot holes in the lawn!!!

I love the boys.

Gordon Gribble (USA/Hanover, New Hampshire)


December 14th 2014

these guys are the funniest couple ever !!I mean hysterically laughing funny. I wish these guys were still alive right now. I am watching" march of the wooden soldiers" where there act up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ..funny as all hell.Just looking @ Oliver with a long bowl haircut can cause a gut to split... all as Stanley is worried about is his pee wees.hahaha!!."March of the wooden soldiers" or "Babes in Toyland" They dont make comedies or comediens like this anymore.

Kenny Miller )America/Rittman, Ohio)


December 2nd 2014

To Kelvin (UK)
That was "them thar hills"

Any one knows what Ollie says to Stan in "Another fine mess" once they discover the cellar door is locked and they can't go out the way they came.
He says "come on let's-----" then the Stan gives him a double take abd he just says "come on..."



November 12th 2014

I grew up watching these comic geniuses movies, which are definitely not only master pieces but also cannot be remade by any actor in this world. Just wish They could come back and entertain us once again and we can live our stressful life with laughing and our life becomes more happy.

Mahantesh (India)


November 6th 2014

I love Laurel and Hardy very much and always will.

Brian Matteo (Hamilton Ontario Canada)


November 3rd 2014

what was the film were stan starts strumming the bed springs in jail

paul (uk)

Flying Deuces was the film where Stan strummed the jail bed strings.

Ryan (USA)


October 29th 2014

Can anyone tell me which film had the small sketch about the keys? "I give you the keys to give to him for him to give to me" something along those lines?
I'm desperate, I hear the words in my head but can't find a clip of it anywhere.
Many thanks.

Ian Draper (UK)


October 13th 2014

Legends never die..Forever in our hearts! What a refreshing and exhilarating experience to watch them over and over again! Kudos to the duos!

Pratiek Matkar (Toronto)


October 9th 2014

I have my Grandfather to thank for introducing me to them back in the 1950's. One of my favourites is 'Night Owls' where the cat runs along the wall in front of Stan's face. That scene gets me everytime I watch it. Also 'Busy Bodies' is a classic also. They are timeless!

Abdul Mott (Melbourne, Australia)


October 5th 2014

Which movie is it that Stan and Ollie go up and down an apartment block in separate elevators, looking for each other, missing each other on several floors then bump heads?

roderick jacob (uk)

Roderick Jacob-The episode where the pair go up and down in separate lifts ,then bump heads is Come clean!

Clive Shutler (uk southampton)


October 2nd 2014

absolute legends were Laurel & Hardy.their films are timeless & their comedy unsurpassed.

Trev Emery


September 29th 2014

I have the complete L&H collection (or at least it claims to be) on DVD, and have just started watching them again from the start. And they still make me laugh! i think i first see L&H on BBC2 with i was a kid (im 43 now) and i don't think i have stopped laughing since. I hope they both know that after all this time they are still making people laugh.



September 16th 2014

Memories will always remain in our hearts...

Amir (Iran)


September 4th 2014

Hello everybody,
I hope L&H have given you all as much laughter and sore sides as me. Ever since i was a young lad me and my brother use to watch the repeats on BBC2 and from them moments we were hooked. At the age of 48 i still watch and laugh just as much as i use too. My favourite one is TOAD IN THE HOLE!
Love it
Keep watching

Paul (Manchester England)


August 27th 2014

Does anyone know if Laurel & Hardy ever worked or filmed in Chattanooga, TN? I've found a photo that really looks like them probably in the 40's, sitting on a huge historic rock called Umbrella Rock in Chattanooga. The photo is too small for me to be sure it is them, but I believe it is. Any ideas?

Dusty White (Nashville, TN / USA)


August 24th 2014

From Dockwray Square, Stan's childhood home, you and Mr Hardy, are utter legends.

Ian (Dockwray Square, North Shields, UK)


August 11th 2014

Hello one and all associated with this website,

Indeed, I am grateful to each and everyone of you for this noble venture. At my age 67 years, I relish watching every of L&H movies even if they are repeats since I never feel tired. Rather watching their movies has made me younger!!

Probably, there would never be a similar pair of comedians and I am sure most of their fans would agree.

Suresh Panje, Journalist (India, New Delhi)


July 6th 2014

The duo were awesome....

Amjad Ali Ansari (France Paris)


June 6th 2014

went to see the stage preformance of sons of the desert at the royal court in liverpool last year,if it comes to your town go and see it,its brill,

anne briggs (liverpool)


May 29th 2014

Mike North, that was a wonderful poem. Laughing Gravy is my favorite episode as well, and you sum it up perfectly.


Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you liked the poem.
Would you mind telling me where you are from and your name?
If you have another L&H film you like, I would be happy to have a go at a poem for you on that title too?
Best regards

Mike North (UK)


May 16th 2014

Love the site. I have been a L&H fan since I was a child and watched our heroes with my dad.
I have written a poem/ditty and would like to share it with my fellow L&H fans. My favourite film has always been Laughing Gravy. Please take a look at my twist on the film. I hope you all like it?

Laughing Gravy - Mike North – May 2014

A little dog of unknown name, what a shame
A long ago film with stars so bright, not forgotten, but out of site
Black and white film with so many colours
Millions of laughs for minimal dollars
A part you played in history the other two and you made three
The plot was thin, the laughter thick
You in the middle made it stick...
Laughing gravy was your part, film title too what a star
Who thought that up we will never know
Your little face stole the show
Where after did you go?

The other two in the film with you were just co-stars compared to you
Stan was thin and Ollie fat, just two men in a silly hat
The whole world followed the clowns while they played around
I can’t believe it, there is even sound
That film with you the little dog in my mind will stay and never go away
Tears roll down when the star in cupboard is put
The next jape which gives a laugh concerns some soot
I laugh so hard to see dog up the chimney climb
Stan climbs too to rescue you
Roof top drama on a snowy night
As comedy gold it’s out of sight
It all ends with bath night

When all is done and film times out
Stan has money and Ollie nothing
Stan to go and Ollie to stay
No way can Stan take the dog away
Laughing Gravy will stay with Ollie
Stan now rich don’t look too jolly
Stan his fortune he gives up
Ollie thinks it’s done for him, but Laughing Gravy gives a grin
Stan is staying for the doggy, not for Ollie
It matters not the reason why
All three together, we breathe a sigh
The Star, Stan and the other guy...

Regards and best wishes to you all.

Mike North (UK)


May 1st 2014

Could someone please ,please ,please help me I watched an episode many years ago where (if my memory serves me right ) Stan and Ollie drive to a shack .while in the shack and sat round Stan keeps hitting another bloke and every time he does the man hits Ollie ....Can anyone tell me which episode this was many thanks

Kelvin (UK)


April 6th 2014

Posted many years ago and still no answer;

Anyone know what movie/episode that shows the routine of Laurel asking Hardy what time it is and Hardy looks at his watch, which is on the top of his wrist and pours his drink in his own lap. Then Hardy asks Laurel what time is it to get Laurel to pour his drink in his lap and it backfires because Laurel wears his watch under his wrist and ends up pouring his drink on Hardy's lap as well? Thanks!


Jerry T & Friends,
Sorry I don't recollect that sene, however I might suggest this pair of LAUREL AND HARDY COOKIS JARS!Maybe they can help you recall the movie name!
You can own the pair today.

Valencia L (Los Angeles USA)

JerryT, I believe that bit is from a sketch in which Dick Van Dyke played Stan. It can be found on YouTube from the Dick Van Dyke show.


That was Great Guns. Classic

Yemi Ogundimu (Lagos, Nigeria)


March 26th 2014

Hi, laurel&hardy are always in our heart (best comedians ever) iranian people love you both legends, RIP
I apologize for my Unpleasant english.

Vahid (Tabriz, Iran)


February 27th 2014

What was the famous expression that one of them said: This is a fine...?
Which one said it? Thanks.

Warren Pollock (Glen Mills, Pa)


February 25th 2014

Dear Community,
About 20 years ago I bought a picture showing our Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy from scenery of ``Swiss Miss `. The two are standing next to each other in traditional bavarian or maybe swiss clothes. Located in the lower right corner of the picture are two autographs( Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy) Right above these two autographs, it says ``Original Autographs Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy ( The most succesful Comedy Team of the silver screen)``. In addition to that the autographs are proven real by certification stamps from the walt disney co. In the lower left corner and on the pictures back.
My question for you, how much is this picture worth if it would be sold to somebody else.



February 19th 2014

A while back I heard a Laurel & Hardy clip on a local radio station. From what I can remember, they were in England and Laurel mentioned that he wished that they had brought their piano along on the trip. It turned out he had left their return tickets on the piano! Any idea if this clip is available on DVD or CD. I am wondering where the radio station may have grabbed what they aired? Many Thanks

Earl (USA VA)


February 17th 2014

Without question the chemistry between the two was perfect and second to none, they had the right blend of ingredients, to bring joy and laughter to peoples homes. Only if they knew what a real impact they had on a Global scale. The greatest comedians of all time, Gods gift to us, now they are in Heaven.

Ramzie Jainudeen (London UK)


February 15th 2014

I was wondering if somebody could tell me what an almost compleet series of L&H movies on VHS would be worth..
I have 0-28. Missing 9, 22 and 26. Thanks..

Jennifer (Netherlands)


January 27th 2014

Funniest duo ever without a shadow of a doubt.Just bought there complete 20 plus volume set and enjoying each and every one of them.

Ryan Dee (England)


January 24th 2014

I found an old 16mm Laural & Hardy Film called "One Summers Day". I don't see it listed on this website and on any other sites. Can someone clue me in.

Thanks, Bob (Hornell, New York, United States)


January 20th 2014

Congratulations...for the greatest comedians of all time!

Raul (Romania, Bucuresti)


January 14th 2014

Hi, I need some help settling an argument. Is there a Laurel & Hardy film, where a model T gets cut in half? If so, which one? Thanks,

Greg (Richmond)

Greg, I believe that a car gets cut in half in the short "Busy Bodies". I hope this helps.


The movie was called BUSY BODIES.

John Wos (USA Clifton, NJ)


January 9th 2014

Hi in 1953/4 i appeared on stage with the guys in their christmas show in nottingham and won their talent contest perhaps this was the very first x- factor show ?

john webster (nottingham england)


January 2nd 2014

a happy new year to all the laurel & hardy fans out there!
thanks for the great site!




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